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Hima, which is written as “閑” in Chinese characters, is a "moment in the flow." It is a serene moment that strengthens and holds the whole movement, like “rest” in a musical score. This concept is also often seen in Japanese culture, such as “kare-san-sui,” which is another idea that shows “yohaku-no-bi” and translates to “the beauty of blank space.” In this collection, an appreciation for “hima” is represented through color, fabric texture, and silhouette.

Risa_20231_04_19_13_48_37__GFX3288_©RahulRekapalli_2023 copy.jpg
Risa_2023_014_19_13_48_37__GFX3288_©RahulRekapalli_2023 copy.jpg
Risa_2023_04_19_13_48_37__GFX3288_©RahulRekapalli_2023 copy.jpg
Risa_22023_04_19_13_48_37__GFX3288_©RahulRekapalli_2023 copy.jpg

FoF 2023 at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC

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